Congratulations District Band Members

Congratulations to the 20 JMHS Band members that were selected as members of the 2016 District 12 Band. Great Work!

The District Band Event will be January 4-6 at Herndon High School.  Details to Follow.

Christian Aliferis, Baritone Saxophone
Kyle Cooper, Percussion
Elizabeth D'Haiti, Flute
Charlotte Dawes, Bb Clarinet
Jakob Drozd, Percussion
Jacqueline Dubois, Flute
Matt Genberg, Trumpet
Emily Gibson, Bb Clarinet
Caroline Giunta, Bass Clarinet
Noah Labs, French Horn
Evan Laughlin, Tenor Trombone
Sophia Lee, Bb Clarinet
Cassidy McKee, Bb Clarinet
Molly Morgan, Bass Trombone
Mike Niebergall, Tuba
Stephen Sheridan, Percussion
William Sheridan, Tenor Trombone
Daniel Walsh, Trumpet
Charles Welling, Bb Clarinet
Isabel Zhong, Flute