Congratulations District Band Members

The District Band Event will be January 30 - February 1 at Oakton High School. 

The performance will begin at 3:30pm at Oakton High School

Matthew Holdaway Alto Saxophone Wind Ensemble
Go Eun Jeong Bassoon Wind Ensemble
Mike Niebergall Tuba Wind Ensemble
Daniel Schwartz Bb Clarinet Wind Ensemble
Jackson Ayers Euphonium Symphonic Band
Maddie Colwell Trumpet Symphonic Band
Elizabeth D'Haiti Flute Symphonic Band
Charlie Dawes Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Emily Gibson Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Caroline Giunta Contra Clarinet Symphonic Band
Caroline Giunta Bass Clarinet Symphonic Band
John Hoffman Trumpet Symphonic Band
Scott Jones Percussion Symphonic Band
Steve Kim Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Shannon Prescott Oboe Symphonic Band
Timothy Sheridan Alto Saxophone Symphonic Band
William Sheridan Tenor Trombone Symphonic Band
Kaitlyn Tummarello Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Charles Welling Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Dianna Chen French Horn Alternate
Matt Cohen Trumpet Alternate
Jakob Drozd Percussion Alternate
Noah Labs French Horn Alternate
Shelby Lee Bb Clarinet Alternate
Minji Ryuh Flute Alternate
Shyan Sobhani Bassoon Alternate
Brock Taylor Bari Saxophone Alternate
Isabel Zhong Flute Alternate